onsdag den 21. september 2011

Forskeres vidensøkonomiske overlevelseskamp

(sakset fra DASTS sitet):
PhD defence:

Birgitte Gorm Hansen
Adapting in the Knowledge Economy:
Lateral Strategies for Scientists
and Those Who Study Them

Time: 3 October 2011, 2 pm – 4 pm
Place: Copenhagen Business School, Kilevej 14 A, 2000 Frederiksberg, Room: Ks48

In order to obtain the PhD degree Birgitte Gorm Hansen has submitted her PhD thesis. The thesis investigates the strategies deployed by Danish scientists as they adapt to changes in research policy.

The political agenda of transforming Denmark into a leading knowledge economy requires that university researchers maneuver a complex mixture of academic, industrial and political agendas. How do research managers strategically adapt in the knowledge economy? What are the costs and trade-offs involved in such adaptation?

Science and Technology Studies, science-industry collaboration, anthropological method, research policy, research management.

Associate Professor Maja Horst
Associate Professor Casper Bruun Jensen, IT University

Assessment Committee:
Associate Professor Signe Vikkelsø (Chair), Department of Organization, CBS
Professor Bill Maurer, University of California, Irvine
Professor Susan Wright, Danish School of Education, Aarhus University

Everyone is welcome to attend the defence, which will take place in English.
The defence will be followed by a reception in Kilen.

The thesis will be available from openarchive.cbs.dk approx. one week before the defence.

Event information:
October 3, 2011
2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

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