lørdag den 10. november 2007

Edu-factory er tilbage

Vi har tidligere (d. 29/5 og 31/5) omtalt netværket edu-factory. De har nu udsendt denne hilsen:
Dear Friends,
Edu-factory is back. The second round of discussion will start on 25 November 2007 and continue to the end of February 2008. The discussion will explore the processes of hierarchisation in higher education and the potentialities for the construction of a global autonomous university. As before we are setting up a calendar of scheduled contributions. Please see the prospectus below and write to
us at info [at] edu-factory.org with a suggested date if you are interested to contribute a scheduled post.
The start of the new discussion will also coincide with the launch of the edu-factory website in a number of cities. So far launches will be taking place in New York, Rome, London and Sydney. Please let us know if you can help us launch the site either by bringing it to the attention of your networks or by arranging a launch in your city (perhaps in the context of another event). We want to make edu-factory as global as possible.

With thanks,
Edu-factory collective
Claudia Bernardi, Simone Capra, Anna Curcio, Alberto DeNicola, Paolo Do, Miguel Mellino, Brett Neilson, Gigi Roggero, Davide Sacco

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